First of all you need to install virtual box in your system after that you will install kali Linux in virtual boxvirtual box  virtual box may be 32 bit or 64 bityou can directly download it from this link virtualbox.org

virtual box download image

click on windows hosts and downloading will start . after that you will install the virtual box virtual box step 2click Next virtual box step 3click installvirtual box step 4virtual box step 5installation finished and click finish. after that it will automatic open and it will look like this

v box

after that click on new

linux setting

second pic completeafter click new it will look like this, after that in Name you can fill any name ex-(Kali , Linux ,or you can fill your own name)and in type-Linux.and in version you will fill Debian(64 bit). if 64 bit is not showing  go in BIOS and enable virtual technology . now come to the point and click next

memory size

RAM Size-2048 and click next

check middle

after that check the middle box and click create (Create a virtual hard disk now)

3 process

check the first box(VDI) and click next…

storage of kali

check the first box(Dynamically allocated) and click next..how much storage you want to giveand it will ask for how much storage you want to give them   i recommend that you to give 20 GB      I have given 40 GB Because i have too much space on my computer and click next…

finally look like that

after finishing it will look like this.now next…

click on start button . and follow  next step.

file integration

after that click on the sign of file.
and check where the ISO image of Kali Linux
and tap on the ISO image and after click start.

installation start

after that you will show this and click on  Graphical install…

installation 2

click on American English and click next

you can select language according your language after that press enter…

installation 3

after that it will ask your location so you can give your own location basically i am from India so i will select India after that press enter 

installation 4

it will ask domain name and in domain name simply type Kali and hit enter…

4 step

after that it will ask for password and the password = toor after that simply hit enter and see  after sometime it will ask for how much disk want to give for Kali Linux

installation 5

simply hit enter…

virtual box in kali

after that  simply hit enter…
after that simply click enter again…

partition disk

after that over here simply tap on yes and hit enter

installig process

After that installation process is begin and it will take some time and we will wait until installation complete.

package manager

completeafter complete installation. it will look like this and in this phase simply click NO and hit enter . after that grub boot loader will start and it will also take some time to complete

grub boot loading

click Yes

after grub boot loader install it will show like this and this and simply hit 3 time enter button and it will look like this

finishing installation

after that it will show you finishing and installation and after complete installation it will show the completion popup between installation and simply hit enter…

final window of kali linux

after complete process it will ask username and password

Username = root

Password = toor

after that you will see finally kali Linux home screen

kali linux

finally you installed kali Linux in virtual-box. 

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