Ethical-Hacking – A Definite guide to learn hacking in 2021

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What Is Ethical-Hacking?

Ethical-Hacking is identifying weakness in computer systems or networks to exploit its weaknesses to gain access.

When hacker goes in positive way then they said Ethical-hacker. and in this post we will explain more things about on Ethical hacking / Ethical hacker.

Ethical hacker also known as penetration tester or white-hat hacker.

Involves the same tools, tricks, and techniques that hackers use, but with one major difference that Ethical-Hacking is legal.

Ethical-Hacking is performed with the target’s permission. 

The intent of Ethical-Hacking is to discover vulnerabilities from a hacker’s viewpoint so systems can be better secured.

It’s part of an overall information risk management program that allows for ongoing security improvements.

Ethical-Hacking can also ensure that vendors’ claims about the security of their products are legitimate

What actually means of hacking?

Eric Raymond, compiler of “The New Hacker’s Dictionary”, defines a hacker as a clever programmer.

A "good hack" is a clever solution to a programming problem and "hacking" is the act of doing it.

Raymond lists five possible characteristics that qualify one as a hacker, which we paraphrase here:

  • Learning details of a programming language or system.
  • A person who enjoys actually doing the programming rather than just theorizing about it.
  • Capable of appreciating someone else’s hacking.
  • picks up programming quickly.
  • Who is an expert at a particular programming language or system.       

Types of Hackers-

Hackers can be broadly classified on the basis of why they are hacking systems or why they are including in hacking.

There are mainly three types of hacker

Black-Hat Hacker:   crackers are individuals with extraordinary computing skills, resorting to malicious or destructive activities.

That is black hat hackers use their knowledge and skill for their own personal gains probably by hurting others. 

It's   Impossible to find me - Anonymous (Black Hat Hacker) 

White-Hat Hacker (Ethical hacker) :   They are Those individuals professing hacker skills and using them for defensive purposes.

This means that the white hat hackers use their knowledge and skill for the good of others and for the common good.

There are many companies who hire a white hat hacker for security purposes. Ethical hacker find the bug in their website and secure them.

Let's secure the world- Ethical hacker (Cyber security expert)

Grey-Hat Hackers:  These are individuals who work both offensively and defensively at various times. We cannot predict their behavior.

Sometimes they use their skills for the common good while in some other times he uses them for their personal gains.

I have all the privilege - Grey hat hacker

Required Basic skills In Ethical-Hacking-

Computer knowledge

  •       How computer works?
  •       what is bios? ( legacy / UEFI )
  •       what is booting?
  •       How to install operating system? (kali-Linux)
  •       what is file system?( FAT32 / NTFS / EXT2/3/4 )
  •       what is master boot record?
  •       Logical and primary partition
  •       what is 32bit and 64 bit system? 


  • What is switch,hub,router,modem
  • Network topology.
  • What is node.
  • Internet protocol
  • Networking port
  • Fundamental of network and wireless security.
  • NAT, DHCP , subnetting , public ip , IPV4/IPV6/DNS/ARP/OSI model / MAC adddress

OS knowledge 

  • learn windows , mac os , linux , android , ios 
  • advance knowledge of linux os
  • linux , windows , and mac administration
  • good knowledge of command line
  • interface of Doc linux / unix

Programming language used by hacker

c++ , java , python , ruby , perl , html , php
In javascript  VB script / java script / shell script
In database SQL /MY SQL 

More thing to know as a Ethical hacker

  • Linux: knowledge of Linux/Unix; security setting, configuration, and services.
  • Firewalls: configurations, and operation of intrusion detection systems. 
  • Cryptocurreny
  • virtualization technology
  • cyber law
  • creative thinking
  • problem solving skills
  • social engineering
  • spend more time on computer

Hacking in positive way (cyber-security)-

As you have listen

“To catch a thief you have to think like a thief”  

so that’s things will also implement in cyber security. work of Ethical hacker is to Helps in closing the open holes in the system network.

Provides security to banking and financial establishments.

Prevents companies website from black hat hacker.

Future Enhancement in the field of Ethical-hacking :

As it is an evolving branch the scope of enhancement in technology is immense.

No ethical hacker can ensure the system security by using the same technique repeatedly. He would have to improve, develop and explore new avenues repeatedly.

More enhanced software should be used for optimum protection. Tools used need to be updated regularly and more efficient ones need to be developed.

Salary in Ethical-Hacking :

The average payout to a certified ethical hacker is $71,331 per annum .

The salary from $24,760 to $111,502 with a bonus payout between $0.00 to $17,500.

Thus total salary is net $24,760-$132,323

The currency used by hacker :

Conclusion :

One of the main aims of the seminars is to make others understand that there are so many tools through which a hacker can get into a system.

There are many reasons why everybody should understand these basics.

Let’s check its various needs from various perspectives. A student should understand that no software is made with zero vulnerability.

So while they are studying they should study the various possibilities and should study how to prevent that because they are the professionals of tomorrow.

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