Call and SMS Bombing Attack

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Call and SMS Bombing Attack is a technique where we can do 100’s of call and message on a Victim mobile within 2-3 minutes time span.

Warning – This post is for educational purpose so try this on your own risk all process are covered in cyber lab

First Method to perform Call and SMS Bombing attack

Step – 1 Go to Play store and type Termux and click on install and after install click on open

termux installation in cyberpost 4u in proper format

Step – 2

Type this command carefully pkg install git ( If it asks, do you want to continue, press Y and than enter )

Git package installation in termux

Step – 3

After that put this command in termux pkg install python ( If it asks, do you want to continue, press Y and than enter )

python package installation in termux

Step – 4

Now enter this command pkg install openssl

Step – 5

pip install –upgrade pip

Step – 6

Now in this step we are going to download the tool using git clone Github so paste this link carefully in Termux

git cloning of TBomb in termux for next step

Step – 7

In this step we will enter in TBomb Directory using this command cd TBomb

changing the directory of tbomb iin termux

Step – 8

Now we have to change the mode into executable mode using this command chmod +x

changing mode in read write and execute

Step – 9

And finally we will open that tool using this command ./

Entering inside the tool using that command

Step – 10

Press Enter

press enter to continue this tool

Step – 11

Press Enter Again

processing the step inside tools wait for further notice

Step – 12

Press 1 for Call Bombing Attack

press 2 for SMS Bombing Attack

Here we will perform call bombing you can try both of the attack

Speed x

Step – 13

Type Country Code 91 for india only

country code insertion

Step – 14

Type 10 Digits Mobile Number ( Enter your Own Number ) 

mobile number checkng for call bombing

Step – 15

In this step we have to put Number of Calls ( Type 15 ) 

call set minute

Step – 16

Over here we have to put Time Delays 10

Delay time

Step – 17

In this step finally Attack Started and press enter

Attack start and press enter

Thank you

If any error found do comment we will reply as soon as possible

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