Front camera hacking termux

front camera hacking picture

Requirement for front camera hacking termux – Smartphone,Internet

let’s  get started ——
WarningThis is for educational purpose so try this on your own risk 
Step – 1  go in play store and download the termux application
Step – 2 open the termux application
Step – 3 write the command  pkg  upgrade
Step – 4 simply type pkg install php
Step – 5 after that type pkg install wget after that follow these step
Step – 6 Now give this command ls
Step – 7 open the chrome and type say cheese git hub and hit enter
Step – 8 click on three dot and on the desktop mode
Step – 9 after that you will see clone and download click on clone and download
Step – 10 and copy the link 🔗 
Step – 11 come in termux and type git clone and paste the link.
Step – 12 after clone follow the next step
Step – 13 type ls command
Step – 14 than cd saycheese
Step – 15  type ls
Step – 16 after that type bash
Step – 17 type 2
Step – 18 after that it will automatic start all server and gave you direct link 
Step – 19 after that simply copy the direct link URL and share ON whats app 
Step – 20 when the victim will open the URL and allow the picture will automatic  save in your phone
if you are using google photo 📸  than the picture will save in download folder 
Step – 21 after that simply click ls
Step – 22 and type cp  or  mv and copy the cam1420190024 and give space and type /sdcard
Step – 23 now you can see the picture of victim in your own mobile phone gallary
                                                                                                           — THANK YOU —-
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